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About English Bulldogs Once you bring an English Bulldog into your family you will be a fan for life. There is no other breed quite like the English Bulldog. Bulldogs are smart and fast learners. Bulldogs are loyal and have an inate desire to be close to you. Bulldogs do well traveling by car and generally want to go where you go, be careful of the heat. Due to the bulldog's flat face and small tracea bulldogs have difficulty tolerating hot temperatures. If your bulldog does begin to overheat you'll want to cool them down quickly, putting them in cool water is the quickest way, but not deep water bulldog's will sink! Bulldogs are not good barkers and instead usually make funny sounds. Some bulldogs don't bark at all. Bulldogs are generally calm and not very athletic. Bulldogs don't need a lot of exercise and make good apartment pets. If bulldogs are kept on a lean diet and raised with an active regimine they can be more active. We have families that go on walks of more than a few miles. Bulldogs act silly about strange things. Often bulldogs don't like lawn mowers and will try to go after it. Bulldogs love to sleep and often snore in their sleep. Bulldogs can be known to be a little gasey. Bulldogs have lots of wrinkles on their face and their nose wrinkle needs to be cleaned out once a week, we use baby wipes. If the bulldog's wrinkles get irritated you can treat them with diaper rash ointment, we like Aveeno, some people use cornstarch. You can give the bulldog cod liver oil supplements from the vitamin counter for a beautiful healthy coat.

Appearance The bulldog should range in size between 40 to 59 pounds. Bulldogs should have a large blocky head with nice wrinkles including a rope over their nose. Bulldogs should be short in stature and be solid and balanced. Bulldogs should have a broad robust chest that tapers to their hind quarters. The bulldog's temperament should be loving and happy. Bulldogs should be determined but easy going. Bulldogs should be strong and loyal.

Bulldog Puppy Appearance Bulldog puppies have a similar apearance to the adults. Bulldog puppies are not as massive and firm but do have large heads and broad shoulders. Bulldog puppies are rolly polly with a lot more wrinkles and have the cutest faces ever!

Temperament and Characteristics Bulldog puppies have similar temperaments to the adults. During training being firm works well. Bulldog puppies don't like to get in trouble so usually raising your voice or putting them in time out works. Bulldog puppies will often look at you with those sad eyes and make you feel bad for disciplining them, but in the long run both of you will be the better off from the discipline at an early age. When bulldog puppies are played and wrestled with roughly they can often get too carried away and not know when or understand that they should stop. Since they don't like to give up, children need to be taught not to rough-house with them too much.

Health Bulldogs need a good vitamin supplement for at least the first two years to insure proper development, this will cut down on later health issues. We use Nuvet Lab supplements. Bulldogs are more prone to cherry eye and intropeon(due to their wrinkles), which are both easily fixed with a good vet. Bulldogs are usually pretty healthy if they are well cared for and examined regularly by an experienced bulldog veteranarian. Take the time to find a vet that has experience with bulldogs. Bulldogs also have a harder time tolerating anestesia, so it is best to put them under as lightly as possible. If a bulldog gets kennel cough they need stronger antibiotics and sometimes enubulization to put the antibiotic into the bulldogs lungs and it can drag on for a month or two with a cough. The best method, again, is preventive care. Bordetalla vacinations work wonders especially if your bulldog is social and is exposed to other dogs at the dog park, pet stores, etc. We recommend the shot not the mist. We believe that in some cases the mist may be the cause. Sometimes when bulldogs are active they may get flemmy or start coughing, you can give them a squirt of lemon juice to clear it out. Like any living creature there can be problems, but in general with proper care bulldogs are very healthy.

History There is a lot of controversy about the origin of the English Bulldog. Some say they are from the Mastiff, others say they sired the Mastiff. One thing we do know for sure is that the bulldog is a man made breed. Bulldogs cannot breed or whelp naturally. Bulldogs cannot raise their puppies without close supervision. Bulldogs are thought to have origins in Bull-bating and thus the origin of the name Bulldog.