Ferners bulldog puppies for sale
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Health Bulldogs need a good vitamin supplement for at least the first two years to insure proper development, this will cut down on later health issues. We use Nuvet Lab supplements. Bulldogs are more prone to cherry eye and intropeon(due to their wrinkles), which are both easily fixed with a good vet. Bulldogs are usually pretty healthy if they are well cared for and examined regularly by an experienced bulldog veteranarian. Take the time to find a vet that has experience with bulldogs. Bulldogs also have a harder time tolerating anestesia, so it is best to put them under as lightly as possible. If a bulldog gets kennel cough they need stronger antibiotics and sometimes enubulization to put the antibiotic into the bulldogs lungs and it can drag on for a month or two with a cough. The best method, again, is preventive care. Bordetalla vacinations work wonders especially if your bulldog is social and is exposed to other dogs at the dog park, pet stores, etc. We recommend the shot not the mist. We believe that in some cases the mist may be the cause. Sometimes when bulldogs are active they may get flemmy or start coughing, you can give them a squirt of lemon juice to clear it out. Like any living creature there can be problems, but in general with proper care bulldogs are very healthy.