Ferners bulldog puppies for sale
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Quality To get a quality bulldog it is good to get to know your bulldog breeder and ask questions. Ask to see past bulldog puppies that are now adults or pictures of the parents. In some regard you get what you pay for with a bulldog as with most things in life. You can get a puppy of exceptional quality without champion parents or being in or from the show curcuit. To get champions you must show. We would prefer our bulldog puppies to go to loving pet families, but when our bulldog puppies have been shown they have been very successful. A show home can be a lot of work for a bulldog. There are also bulldog breeders who breed the taller longer nosed bullies, these are typically quite a bit cheaper and they often have boxer or american bulldogs in their line. They can be more athletic and have and easier time breeding. They are not considered good quality within the bulldog breed standard.

Bulldog Appearance The bulldog should range in size between 40 to 59 pounds. Bulldogs should have a large blocky head with nice wrinkles including a rope over their nose. Bulldogs should be short in stature and be solid and balanced. Bulldogs should have a broad robust chest that tapers to their hind quarters. The bulldog's temperament should be loving and happy. Bulldogs should be determined but easy going. Bulldogs should be strong and loyal.

Bulldog Puppy Appearance Bulldog puppies have a similar apearance to the adults. Bulldog puppies are not as massive and firm but do have large heads and broad shoulders. Bulldog puppies are rolly polly with a lot more wrinkles and have the cutest faces ever!